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The Relationship, Situation Or Opportunity Not Working Out Isn’t a ‘Waste'

published29 days ago
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Hiya, Reclaimers,

If I had my time over, there are obviously certain things I wouldn't be up for doing again. That said, I'm also aware that these "certain things", and plenty else I've forgotten, helped me gradually grow into who I am.

Whereas I would have kicked myself back in the day for 'wasting my time' or 'screwing up', I'm more inclined to acknowledge the truth. These experiences were not a waste, especially given that I let myself move forward, but not everything in life has to or is supposed to work out.

Sometimes it feels like we humans expect every last iota of our life to be accounted for and tangibly 'productive'.

Something can't be a hobby, an interest, something we take pleasure in. Nope, it's got to be a side hustle or turn into a startup. We have to become The Best at it.

We can't date someone, see how it goes, and walk away if and when it becomes clear that it's not a fit. Nope, it's got to be The One. We must try to prove that we're 'enough' or try and make the other person change.

Apparently, we have to use the qualification we got for exactly what it says, what we envisioned long ago before gaining experience, or what teachers said we should use it for. The job has to last for life until we get our gold watch and VCR.

If anything's going to be a waste, it's not learning. It's not using the data from our experiences to discern what we need to be, do and have to become more of who we really are.

If like so many of us, you sometimes get stuck in the It-Was-Such-a-Waste feeling, my latest blog is for you.


Anxiety is often your body's way of seeking reassurance that you have your own back.

- Nat Lue

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Until next time, take care of you,

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