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Resentment doesn't have to corrode our relationships and self-esteem

published3 months ago
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Hello Reclaimers,

When I notice frustation, irritation and hidden anger bubbling up, I know that resentment is in town and that it's time for me to check myself.

While hoarding and not feeling our feelings is bad business for our wellbeing and relationships, resentment, in particular, is corrosive. It's the sign that we've been people pleasing and that no matter how well intended, we've done something, possibly a lot of things, from a place of obligation, guilt or even shame.

Because so many of us are not used to acknowledging ourselves, we might not even know that what we're feeling is resentment. But as I talk about in the latest post on the blog, you'll know you're experiencing resentment when you feel trapped in playing roles and feel as though you have or had no choice in doing something.

You can read the full post here.


"If we don't say yes authentically, we say it fearfully, avoidantly and resentfully, and that leads to far more problems than if we'd just said no in the first place."
- Nat Lue

"Who's that cute guy?"

It was mine and Em's sixteenth anniversary on the 18th, and over on Instagram I shared a little bit of the story of how we met.

Check out the Insta post here.

On The Baggage Reclaim Sessions podcast

If we don't share core values in terms of both character and direction, the relationship isn't going to work no matter what else we think we have in common. In episode 255, I do a deep dive on core 'directional' values.

In episode 254, I talk about how when you keep finding yourself in repeats of a frustrating or painful situation despite your desire for it to change, it's time to start looking at the reasons why you wouldn't want a successful outcome.

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I listened to the audiobook of Gabby Berstein's latest bestseller, Happy Days, The Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace. It's, in some respects, a heavier read than her previous titles, but through her willingness to be frank about her addiction recovery and her confronting the hidden trauma behind it, she offers up inspiration and insight through the spirtual and therapeutic practices that have helped her.

My favourite books of all time on the subject of healing trauma are The Body Keeps the Score, What Happened To You? and Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents.


Most weeks I receive a message from somebody saying how much this book and journaling guide that I wrote several years back has changed their life, and I don't shout about this ebook enough. In 100 Days of Baggage Reclaim, I took all the big 'little things' that make a difference to my well-being and relationships and created one-hundred bite-sized lessons, tips and journaling prompts to help you build your self-esteem over a few months. Use the code newsletter to get 30% off.

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