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Love, Care, Trust & Respect: Sometimes Our Expectations Turn Us (& Others) Into Mind Readers

published15 days ago
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Hiya, Reclaimers,

I turn forty-five later this week--Jaysus, how did that happen? Is it not the nineties anymore?🤣--and as I reflect on what I'm becoming more sure of, it's the need to use healthy boundaries to release me from unrealistic expectations--my own and other people's.

Recently it occurred to me that many of the run-ins I've had with my mother throughout my life revolved around what was, in essence, a failure on my part to mind-read. I didn't live up to the picture she'd painted in her mind.

Like when she told me that she was mad at me because she'd moved nearly two hundred miles away and expected that I'd visit more (because most of my dad's family, who I don't even see that often, live up that way). Keep in mind that she used to live about 25-30 minutes away, and we saw her plenty. Make it make sense!

Similarly, though, much of my pain, with her and others, came from consciously and unconsciously using the good deeds of my people-pleasing to predict what could, will and should happen.

In this week's blog post, I talk about why as hurtful as it can be when others disappoint us, it's also a wake-up call that liberates us to enjoy more loving relationships and healthier situations.

I've noticed that the less I people-please, and the more I keep it honest and boundaried about who I and others are, the happier I am. I don't take people not meeting my expectations so personally because I'm not living in a fantasy.

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Sometimes your gut knows before your head does. That's okay, make sure you listen anyway. The truth of what your gut registered will reveal itself.

- Nat Lue

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Until next time, take care of you,

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