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Does having better boundaries mean new 'second chances'?

published5 months ago
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Hello Reclaimers!

Something that gradually learning to be more boundaried has taught me is to stop basing what I do and don't do on what is essentially my fantasies about how other people will think, feel and behave in response.

Time and again I've discovered in various guises that come the rain, hail or shine of other people's feelings and behaviour, I've got to be the steward of my boundaries and bandwidth. In the past where I would have decided that because I'd 'learned my lesson' or that I felt better, that the other party had too, now I'm only calling it for myself.

One of the areas where this has been particularly liberating is around this idea of second (or gazillionth 😆) chances. In the past, it was as if I thought I was waving my magic wand.

Now I'm like 'Life moves on' and as a result, when I treat and regard myself with love, care, trust and respect instead of beating me over the head about where others (or I) have erred, it's my evolved boundaries that ultimately shape my future interactions with these people, not an internal debate and guilting and gaslighting myself.

This is something I explain in today's blog post because ultimately, we don't have to use giving chances as a way to 'test' ourselves or others.

See you next Monday, and take care of you.


P.S. I also have a great podcast episode on giving out second chances.

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