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Love, Care, Trust & Respect: We can increase (and trust) our emotional intelligence

published22 days ago
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Hiya, Reclaimers,

A few years back, while waiting to board a flight to Amsterdam with the girls, I started experiencing sensations in my head, chest and stomach that suggested that I was on the verge of having a panic attack, something I hadn't had, incidentally, since early 2005.

Now, in that moment, it would be easy to assume that it was something to do with flying or ignore the feelings and push ahead.

I realised within moments, though, that I was highly stressed and overtired, and the girls' bickering had tipped me over the edge. A combination of prepping for the trip--packing, tidying up, wrapping up work can be sooooo stressful!--had left me overstimulated and undernourished.

So I did breathing exercises, asked the kids to dial it down, and bought a load of Pret a Manger for the flight. I did the breathing exercises throughout the flight, handed the kiddos off to my bro at the other end and went straight to bed. In the days that followed, I kept it chill instead of scheduling a load of stuff.

I share this with you because I can assure you that there's a time when I would have ignored or misread those feelings and taken a different path. Instead, I utilised my emotional intelligence, something we all have access to and can increase but that we often neglect and misunderstand.

In today's blog post, I talk about what increasing our emotional intelligence means and why we don't have to overcomplicate things--we need to feel our feelings.


A relationship shouldn't cost you your integrity because without it, you don't have what makes you you

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Instead of a book, I've got a few interesting links that feature great advice.

I chatted with the lovely folks at London Writers' Salon about not letting your inner critic rule you, reclaiming your emotional life, and knowing when to say no.

I stopped reading the news. Is the problem me — or the product?“I don’t actually think we are equipped, physiologically or mentally, to be delivered catastrophic and confusing news and pictures, 24/7. We are analog creatures in a digital world.”Solitude is not loneliness.

Solitude is not loneliness. Here’s the key philosophical difference. "Every dull or quiet moment is ruthlessly jammed with stimulation. We cannot wait for a bus, go to the toilet, or wait in line without the twitching need to do something. The quiet, solitary moments are filled with noise, lest we spend too much time with ourselves."

Until next time, take care of you,

Natalie x